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Extend the life of your gloves with the new SHAMPOO RINAT PALMLIFE. It has properties that in addition to thoroughly cleaning the glove, moisturize the latex giving it a better appearance and greater durability. It is very easy to use and has
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: In a bucket of warm water pour one to two liquid caps (15 ml approx.) mix well until foaming. Then put your gloves on and dip them in the bucket, as they are wet grab foam and rub them against each other, carve them tightly and repeat the operation until the dirt disappears. As clean, rinse them with plenty of water to remove the shampoo. Leave them drying in the shade in a cool, ventilated place. And that's it!! Once dry,

Get ready to experience the maximum grip of your gloves!!

RECOMMENDATION: wash your gloves one day before using them in the match and you will notice the improvement, your gloves will have an impressive grip!! And you'll feel safer.

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